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1. What kind of pet do you have?
2. Male or Female?
3. Fixed (spayed/nuetered)?
4. What start date do you need (approximate)?
5  For how long (approximate) ?
6. Any medications or behavioral issues?
7. Shots current and copies of records?
​8. Are you active military?
​Frequently asked questions;

Q. How soon do I need to make a reservations:
A.  We stay pretty busy, so the sooner the better. If you have approximate dates we can work with you to hold a spot.
Q  Can I visit your facility before I board my pet.  
A.  We welcome pre-placement visits. However, please make an appointment so we can give you our undivided attention. 
Q. Where does my pet spend the day. 
A. We are professionals when it comes to assessing dogs.  Your dog will spend the day with a staff member for most of the first day, until he/she gets use to the smells and sounds and has a comfort level.  After we feel that your dog is somewhat calm and comfortable, we bring in the Alpha dog from a particular yard (which are 1 acre or more each) we introduce them, if they do well, then we go out with your dog to that yard and play with all the dogs in that yard.  We have found that this helps each dog be accepted to that particular group of dogs. This is done on your dogs time of adjustment not ours. 
Q. Can I get pictures or updates while I am gone.
A.  We try to post pictures within a week of your pets stay... sometimes we get busy and we fall behind. So just text us and we will find your dog and get you a picture and let you know how he/she is doing. 
Q.  Where will my dog sleep
A.  We understand that your pet is special and usally sleeps with you. As much as we would love to have every pet sleep on our bed, we would have no where for us to sleep. 
We are in the country and have country critters, so most dogs are crated at night.
 One area they are crated is in a 40  foot cooled/heated trans-container. Some are allowed to sleep on the 3 foot fenced patio outside of our bedroom sliding-glass door if they have a problem with crating.  We can discuss your pets particular needs. 
Q. Is there a contract.
A.  Yes we have a contract and an abandonment agreement.(that you will not abandon your pet) 
  It is a crime in California to abandon your pet, so we want to make sure that it is understood, that if you can no longer pay board or care for your pet, it is your responsibility to rehome them. 
Q. Do you pay for vet bills
A.  You need to understand that you are leaving your dog in a natural/communal environment and your pet is safe and sound 99 percent of the time.  By no means can we or any other facility promise that things wont happen.  We do not pay for vet bills. Many of our clients who are going to be on long term assignments op to buy pet insurance.  
Q. Do I have to be military?
A. Not necessarily. 5 percent of our dogs are not military. We will need to discuss your circumstances.
If you are Law Encorcement..Fire, FBI, Boarder Patrol, Civil Servant, ect., You fall under our Military Service Services.

If you have any other questions please feel free to call 951 796 8936 or email: